The Sinhala Writer
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What is Sinhala Writer?

The Sinhala Writer is a JAVA® based typing software solution that can be used to create Sinhala text using an ordinary English keyboard on Windows ™ environment with True Type Fonts (.ttf). Or we can say, it is typing Sinhala in Singlish. But the final output comes in Sinhala letters.

Therefore, you do not have to refer character maps and weird key combinations to produce Sinhala text. Sinhala Writer is ideal for producing short, informal documents, which can then be easily used to produce complex formal documents using professional word processing softwares.

Yes, and it's totally free.

Version 3.0 is available now!!!

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And Now it's also listed at Software Informer


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Install 32-bit Java ® Runtime Environment

Installation Instructions

  •  I have already installed the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) on my computer.
    • - Then download and run "Sinhala Writer v 3.0.msi".

  •  I have not installed the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) on my computer.
  • - First download and install the JVM to your computer.
  • - Then download and run "Sinhala Writer v 3.0.msi".

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Your feedback on the software is very important to us in order to make it more and more useful in the future.
So, please try the software and leave your comments/bugs/suggestions here. Your feedback will be displayed after the admin approval.

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Received Feedback

Athula - 2 years ago
i'm interest this sowftwear
JUDE REX FRANCIS - 2 years ago
I need to Repair my Sinhala writing Software
21 Samurdhi Bank - 2 years ago
Fahadh - 2 years ago
Hansaka - 2 years ago
itis good
Lagath Ekanayake - 2 years ago
Good one thanks
Akshitha - 2 years ago
good work
Cupid Logistics - 2 years ago
Nishantha - 2 years ago
Suresh - 2 years ago
Suresh - 1 year ago
Shajahan - 2 years ago
Jayantha - 3 years ago
Simeth - 3 years ago
Sam - 3 years ago
best app to unicode
Keerthi - 3 years ago
Chathura Nuwan - 3 years ago
good service
Jayarathna - 3 years ago
Yes Thanks, good software for us
Nimali - 3 years ago
using sihala writer
Dammika Wijesinghe - 3 years ago
pls tell me how to copying sinhala words to another file..hv tried but some english letters are copying not sinhala word box


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